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ihr habt euch vielleicht schon gewundert, dass hier lange nichts mehr passiert ist... Meine Joomla Version war leider völlig veraltet und ein Update auf eine neuere Version wäre nur mit Problemen möglich gewesen. Ich habe mich deshalb zu einem CMS entschieden und meine neue Seite entsteht mit wordpress. Das ist schön, das bedeutet aber auch, dass ich jeden der knapp 1.000 Beiträge + die vielen Fotos manuell "rüberbringen" muss. Deshalb dauert es...

Also diese Seite leert sich immer mehr, die neue Seite wird immer voller.

Sorry für die Umstände aber weiterhin viel Road-Fun!
Dagmar Krutoff

PS. Fotospenden von selbst abgelichteten Verkehrsschildern sind immer sehr willkommen!

Drei Zufallsbilder aus dem Schilderwald...


Solstice "Party" at the Callanish Stones

To believe the longest night of the year would be the night of a big mystic party at the Callanish Stones was sadly a fallacy. The druids who had traveled to Lewis played their drums and digeridoos already in the night of the 20th june. They were too early - or better said – I was too late for the solstice party :-(

When I arrived at the evening of the 21th at the Callanish Stones to celebrate an unforgettable solstice, there was nothing: No sol, no people (just some tourists as usual) and most of all no party. Just grey clouds, a softly hauling wind and every 10 minutes rain for 20 minutes. And of course the stones as ususal...

The party has been placed the day before, while I hat a perfect sunset at Siabost Beach, just 10-15 km away from the Stone circle.

Me at the wrong place while the Druids crawled out of their holes - eh tents - celebrating something, that only a druid can understand. They played mystic tunes on the drums and digeridoos and I was reading Bridget Jones diary to improve my english. But I learned some important new words: FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Okay, the word was not new, but thanks Bridget I realized, that you have to say it three times to underline you're really pissed off.

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I missed the solstice party and got no mystic spirit!

The only "mystic thing" I discovered at the evening of the 21th june 2017 were some tents on the ground beside the stones.

All the mystic people sat together in a big tent and were not seen at the stones. Maybe it was too cold and foggy. Some guys were walking around with a beer in the hand. I pondered if they were the guys you could expect miracle things off? Not sure about.

All together there were maybe 10 people around the stones. Two of them were remarkable – which means weird. The others were just normal tourists. The lady of the couple was running around touching and hugging every stone twice.

Please don't touch the stones... But when the spirit touches you, people become dyslexics.

So far I was only thinking that… But when he started to climb on the stone I felt the spirit to say something to rescue the stones for the following generations...

Me: "Don’t touch the stones does even include don’t climb on them."
He: "Oh that’s okay, don’t worry"
Me: "Well I think it’s just a bit stupid to climb on the stones"
He: "Just don’t care love, it’s fine."
Me: "Sure dear..."

It’s no idea, to talk with people, when the spirit of stupidity has touches them. People like him will cause that they put safetyfences around the stones like in Stonehenge.

Later both of them were lying in the hole in the inner circle to catch the full spirit. Don’t know if it works against stupidity, probably not.

While standing around the stones and waiting for the return of sun or anything else to happen, I had time to think about the attractive man on the stonepicture.

Who is he? (Sorry, I have really no knowledge of the druids world). A mystical godness? Shamham or what he is called? Allright. But what has the nectarine to do with it? Does he like southern fruits? May be the nectarine is not a product of the 20th century, it was already known in ancient times and it grew on the Hebrides?

I took some more pictures and left the dead dead solstice party...

And then I met him - the dark lord himself in the next grazing. Huh!

After that shocking encounter I found a hotspot close to the stones to do some internet researches about the solstice. Realized that expected "party" had been the the night before. But may be the guys would return later again? So I went back to the stones. At 11 pm, it was already a bit grayer, darker and more rain.

The Shamhain man or who he is got some more presents in the meantime.

And it became even grayer and darker

The police came patroling if the stones still stands...

The darker it became the more people appeared. So I was expecting great things to happen.

But nothing happend. They were just standing around, drinking beer and talking or not talking and looking out in the grey or on the stones. Some of them seemed to be stone circle experts, talking about Shamhain or who he is and his power (huh?). But most of them were local boys and girls, talking about things, girls and boys talk about.

One of the locals came with a Border Terrier called Donald. Donald ran to all stones and hugged them on his own way – by peeing at them. Luckily my dog Rossi was in the car and didn't see that. He had been quiet annoyed, as I didn't allowe him to leave only one drop at this holy place!

Then came life into the party. A man and a woman with a wreath of flowers on the head appeared, holding the hands of a barefoot boy between them. Everybody was staring curiously at them and expecting mystic things. But they only walked with their child around the inner circle and went back to the tents. Well done, the poor boy had no shoes!

I had no beer and felt too old for a talk with the locals and too unbeliever and unaware for the Shamhain people. So I left into the dark gray rainy night.

Alltogether three livings had a mystical night: The hugging/climbing/in the hole lying couple and the peeing Border Terrier.

Still feel dissapointed, that I missed the right date. Think, what the spirit could have done with me... Try to comfort myself that I already had two perfect sunsets at the Callanish Stones. So can it be, if the sunset has a sun…

I patroled the stones the next morning again. Luckily they were still standing...

Some tourists dancing around - just same business as usual...

Shamhain (or who he was) had taken his picture and presents and went back from where he came...

Only some flowers were left. Probably he has enough of this where he lives...

He left apparently through the north gates. Singing (may be) and eating the fruit (definitely!!!)

May be the nectarine was not his taste or not fresh enough? He didn't eat it up!

So I'm at the end of my mystical solstice party and you see: the spirit has touched me – I wrote a blog note in a nearly brilliant english. Thanks to Bridget Jones! FUCK FUCK FUCK!

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