Road-fun in english

This is the hopefully begining of expanding my blog into english. I know, it looks a bit empty at the moment, but I do my best to fill this page with life.

I started with this Blog to present my collection of (un)ususal road-signs that I brought home from my journeys. Journeys = adventure = Road-Fun became soon a travel-blog with lots of road-signs ;-))

Enjoy - and have road-fun

Dagmar Krutoff

Solstice "Party" at the Callanish Stones

To believe the longest night of the year would be the night of a big mystic party at the Callanish Stones was sadly a fallacy. The druids who had traveled to Lewis played their drums and digeridoos already in the night of the 20th june. They were too early - or better said – I was too late for the solstice party :-(

Things are changing...

I decided to initiate some changes. First: to expand my blog occasionally with english postings. I'm forgetting more and more vocabularies, so I have to keep my brain in training. Sorry for all faults - this is my first englisch post and the training begins now...